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Fast-approaching cashless ecomony poses danger

Investor's Business Daily (subscription)
Tue, Jun 8th, 12:00AM
... a nationwide electronic system used by financial institutions to route online bill payments ... It's much like the chips that casinos give you to render you blind ...
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Ad exec speaks out against media 'sleaze'

Independent Online, South Africa
Sun, May 30th, 12:00AM
... His company, he says, will not do business with the sort of clients whose business he regards as morally reprehensible, or for casinos, which, says Coetzee ...
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Instant Online Casino Games – Java vs . Flash

Online Casino Reports
Sun, May 30th, 12:00AM
If you've checked out any of the top online casinos and tried out their software then you already know that the virtual gambling experience can be very ...
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Jonathan Storm | Fox's joys of summer - and two real bombs

Philadelphia Inquirer (subscription), PA
Sun, Jun 13th, 10:28AM
... The Casino (9 pm tomorrow). Previews were unavailable for this one, which is supposed to do for gambling what The Restaurant did for dining. ...
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Mirage buyout of Mandalay would dominate Vegas Strip, FL
Thu, Jun 17th, 10:47AM
... in a deal that would unite two of the world's biggest gambling companies and ... must persuade regulators to take a gamble on such a behemoth casino combination. ...
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Deal for sale of track OK'd

Baltimore Sun, MD
Sun, Jun 13th, 11:28AM
... League Baseball rules generally prohibit Angelos' involvement in gambling while he ... on, Rosecroft's owners have negotiated with out-of-town casino companies and ...
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Australia & New Zealand

Wed, Jun 16th, 12:00AM
... The online digital music rights provider added 160,000 tracks from the Orchard ... annual management contract for its Brisbane and Gold Coast casinos from Park ...
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Feds Step Up Push Against Online Gambling

Casino City Times, MA
Mon, May 31st, 12:00AM
... Federal prosecutors contend that online gambling sites are illegal, but the offshore casinos fall outside their jurisdiction. So ...
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Gaming giants agree to merge in $4.8 billion deal, KY
Thu, Jun 17th, 10:47AM
... in a deal that would unite two of the world's biggest gambling companies and ... must persuade regulators to take a gamble on such a behemoth casino combination. ...
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State, some tribes near deal

Press-Enterprise (subscription), CA
Thu, Jun 3rd, 10:06AM
... Schwarzenegger said in his budget proposal that he wants gambling tribes to ... The Augustine Band of Mission Indians, which operates a small casino near Thermal ...
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Whose portfolios are up?

Cincinnati Enquirer, OH
Thu, Jun 17th, 10:47AM
WASHINGTON - Ohio Republican Bob Ney had a run of good luck last year during a brief trip to London: He won $34,000 gambling at the Ambassador's Club casino. ...
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Casino dispute to have big impact on US election

ABC Online, Australia
Tue, Jun 8th, 12:00AM
... These casinos are going to come in and they're going to build their own motels that people rock away that think they've got a motel that's going to fill up ... ...
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US media company cancels advertising for online casinos

Online Casino News
Mon, Jun 14th, 12:00AM
... company policy for Electronic Arts was to cancel a contract they had formed with a South African based company, Forward Slash, to advertise its online casinos. ...
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Book 'em has a new meaning

Indianapolis Star, IN
Sun, Jun 13th, 11:28AM
... It's a very upscale hotel, but it's a gaming hall more than a casino. It doesn't have the shopping mall. It's a real gambling haven. ...
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Your lottery prize? Paying us, of course

Independent Online, South Africa
Sat, Jun 5th, 12:00AM
... said the group, which called itself the South African Lottery Affairs Commission, claimed to be the body that regulated and coordinated casinos, gambling and ...
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Inland primed for slot boost

Press-Enterprise (subscription), CA
Thu, Jun 17th, 10:47AM
... A Casino Morongo customer said Wednesday that she enjoys gambling once or twice a year but balks at the grandeur of a massive, high-rise resort the tribe is ...
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Thailand blocks gambling sites, Australia
Tue, Jun 15th, 12:00AM
... their cooperation to temporarily block the access to 11 online gambling websites ... forced thousands of Thais to flock to neighbouring Cambodia's casinos near the ...
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Offer for Mandalay by MGM Comes Down to Cash

E-Commerce Times
Sun, Jun 13th, 12:28PM
... In 1967, Nevada was the only state where gambling was legal. Today, the state has less than a quarter of the casino operations in the country. ...
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Developer : Tourist area will be better

Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL
Thu, Jun 17th, 11:47AM
... Geary also hopes to re-open the old casino where Guy Lombardo once ... end up looking like Atlantic City, Geary said it's doubtful Florida will approve gambling. ...
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Local 226, 'the Culinary,' Makes Las Vegas the Land of the Living ...

New York Times, NY
Thu, Jun 3rd, 9:06AM
... allure of Las Vegas, a force often viewed as the casino industry's archnemesis ... strategic research on the industry, striking fear into some gambling companies by ...
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Bigger than Vegas

CBS MarketWatch
Thu, Jun 17th, 8:47AM
... takeover of Mandalay Resort Group may create the world's largest gambling company, with ... The company will have to sell one casino in Detroit, although it has ...
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Casino dealmakers aim for globe

Baltimore Sun, MD
Thu, Jun 17th, 10:47AM
... the biggest casino deal in history, Terri Lanni, chairman and chief executive officer of MGM Mirage Inc., put competitors on notice that the gambling giant ...
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Electronic Arts to Stop Advertising for Online Casinos on Its Web ...

Tuscaloosa News (subscription), AL
Sun, Jun 13th, 10:28AM
... federal efforts to curb online gambling, United States marshals in April seized some $3 million in advertising proceeds paid by an offshore casino to Discovery ...
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MGM Mirage to expand globally

Fort Worth Star Telegram (subscription), TX
Thu, Jun 17th, 12:16PM
... unanimously approved the biggest casino deal in history, Terry Lanni, chairman and CEO of MGM Mirage, put competitors on notice that the gambling giant would ...
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Revised tribal sacred sites protections nearing agreement

North County Times, CA
Thu, Jun 17th, 8:47AM
... a divisive yearslong debate that continues to echo with allegations of racism, insensitivity and undue influence by tribes suddenly rich with gambling money. ...

Head of Broward County union found guilty of racketeering

Tallahassee Democrat, FL
Thu, Jun 3rd, 10:06AM
... unauthorized payroll checks in the names of herself, her daughter and her estranged husband to feed a gambling habit that included Indian casino outings and ...

National Conference Shines Spotlight on Casino Marketing

Yahoo News (press release)
Wed, Jun 16th, 8:47PM
... and Canada, representing commercial, tribal, local and mega-casinos, are expected at ... View the full lineup and register online at http://www.casinomarketing2004 ...

Civilian war casualties could cost US millions

Pioneer Press (Subscription), MN
Thu, Jun 17th, 11:47AM
... in a deal that would unite two of the world's biggest gambling companies and ... must persuade regulators to take a gamble on such a behemoth casino combination. ...

Tribal gambling money could ease budget battle

San Francisco Chronicle, CA
Thu, Jun 17th, 12:01PM
An agreement with Indian gambling interests that would generate nearly $1.3 billion for the ... expected to be financed by a bond sale backed by casino profits. ...

Company President

New York Times, NY
Thu, Jun 3rd, 12:00AM
... People think about Las Vegas, they think about one thing: casinos," Mr. Madsen ... firm, which relies heavily on telemarketing sales for its online listings, and ...

Poker Followers Overflow In Vegas
Sat, May 29th, 12:00AM
... casinos," said Larry Klatzkin, a gaming industry analyst at Jefferies & Co. in New York. This year's record World Series field was also generated by online ...

Prestige Casino

Online Casino News
Thu, Jun 3rd, 12:00AM
... won awards from some of the most respected sites and magazines in online gambling ... not the bonus plus deposit, which compares well to other casinos’ fine print ...

Spam's assault is going beyond annoying e-mails, MI
Thu, Jun 3rd, 12:00AM
... And automated "spambots" littered the memorial page with as many as 15 ads a day for cell phone ring tones and online casinos, to the horror of his family and ...

More mega-mergers could be in the works, MS
Sun, Jun 13th, 11:28AM
... Gaming, which owns Boomtown Biloxi and Casino Magic Bay St. Louis, is poised to be a major player in Pennsylvania, once that state expands legalized gambling. ...

Vegas and gambling raise the reality stakes

Thu, Jun 3rd, 4:06AM
... Casino" boasts gambling, partying, hustling and the glitter of Las Vegas. At its heart, the 13-episode series has two Internet ...

Light Show: Bright Night on Fremont Street

Casino City Times, MA
Tue, Jun 15th, 12:00AM
... paid for by the owners of the 10 downtown hotel-casinos that make ... mirrored thoughts expressed when the original Fremont Street Experience came online nearly a ...

The smart way to gamble online, UK
Thu, Jun 10th, 12:00AM
... punters. We explain how to get the best value from your stake money, and how to try and beat the online casinos at their own game. ...

Timberlake camera shy, Australia
Sun, Jun 13th, 3:28PM
... And other than gambling in an exclusive room at Crown Casino where he and girlfriend Cameron Diaz are staying in a $3400-a-night villa, the pair have stayed ...

IGC Tackles Casino Spam and Other Advertising Issues

Casino City Times, MA
Wed, Jun 16th, 9:47PM
"It's a sad fact that Internet casinos and sports ... of the source, spam needlessly alienates many consumers who would otherwise bear no ill will to online gaming ...

Gambling money flows as lawmakers draw up gambling expansion bill

Quad-Cities Online, IL
Sun, May 30th, 12:00AM
CHICAGO (AP) -- A major expansion of gambling under debate in the Legislature comes after a year in which casinos and racetracks funneled thousands of campaign ...

New Zealand’s casino company continues expansion

Online Casino News
Mon, Jun 14th, 12:00AM
... As Sky City is limited by legislation from opening any new casinos, as well as expanding its existing sites, the company is looking to other avenues in order ...